Long Live the Pocket Square!

Wear a pocket square with your suit. This is one of the simplest and best ways to really up your game and show people you know how to dress like a man of class and style. From solid colors to crazy patterns, your outfit is a billion n’ a half times better with the addition of this simple yet elegant piece off fabric.

Now it’s time to learn the rules Pocket Squaresto a pocket square; fret not though, it is quite simple. Pocket squares should not match your shirt, tie, or suit colors. The addition of this item is to diversify yet complete your look.  This is the rule you need to most strictly follow. Aside from that, there are several classic techniques for folding a pocket square and it’s also a good tip to use smaller pocket squares so as not to make your chest bulge out too much.

Moving on to the Debbie-Downer’s opinion of the pocket square, there are those out there who probably think “Pocket squares aren’t for manly men!” And they are 110% WRONG!  The laugh or smirk they may throw your way is actually a cry of jealousy. These unimaginable, dull individuals lack the cahones to be bold.  You on the other hand, you have the gall to stand tall, walk with pride, and look every passerby in the eye with great confidence—all with a pocket square comfortably situated in your jacket.

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