How My Body Changed With A Tummy Tuck

A few months ago I silently went for a tummy tuck orange county surgery. I had spent a long time considering whether it should be a tummy tuck newport beach surgery or the more advanced tummy tuck surgery. The reason why I chose the latter was because I wanted to see the best results. I had read a lot about it and it looked like the tummy tuck was far more efficent.

I’m happy to say that it actually worked for me, I drastically changed my belly and removed the flab that was otherwise quite visible. There were several painful days after the surgery but it has started to subside now. I recommend doing this if you don’t feel good when looking at your belly. The best doctor for this procedure in Orange County can be found here:

He did a great job on me and my friends. I love the feeling of showing of my belly now.



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